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Tupperware Chef Turbo Red Supersonic Onion Cutter

Tupperware Chef Turbo Red Supersonic Onion Cutter

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Master the art of chopping with unparalleled speed, surpassing even the most seasoned chefs.

Revolutionize your culinary prowess as you effortlessly chop, mix, and blend like a true professional.

Prepare to be amazed as your chopping time is slashed in half, thanks to the ingenious mechanism activated by a simple pull of the handle.

Bid farewell to the reliance on electricity, for this exceptional manual food processor harnesses the power of your hand to set its blades in motion.

Prepare to embark on a new culinary journey where efficiency meets simplicity.

Unlock extraordinary culinary results without any prior cooking experience!

The SuperSonic Chopper compact effortlessly delivers unparalleled performance, making it an absolute breeze to use.

Experience a seamless and user-friendly operation that guarantees not only exceptional convenience but also ensures utmost safety throughout your cooking journey.

With this innovative kitchen tool at your disposal, prepare to embark on a culinary adventure where simplicity and excellence merge harmoniously.


Save valuable time with the SuperSonic Chopper Compact, equipped with specially engineered blades that can finely chop an entire onion, a few carrots, coriander, or whip up a simple sauce in less than 40 seconds with just 5 pulls. Say goodbye to lengthy food preparation!

Experience the ultimate convenience with this versatile manual food processor that requires no electricity. A single pull activates its powerful blades, allowing you to use it anywhere and everywhere.

The SuperSonic Chopper Compact is your go-to kitchen companion, designed to adapt to your various culinary needs. Despite its impressive capabilities, it remains compact, ensuring it fits seamlessly even in the smallest kitchens.

With the SuperSonic Chopper Compact, you're just one pull away from achieving professional-level food processing. Whether you need to chop, mix, or blend, this innovative tool has got you covered. And when time is of the essence, rely on its intricate blade design to cut your mincing and chopping time in half.

Not only does the SuperSonic Chopper Compact streamline your food preparation, but it also keeps your countertops clean and minimizes the number of dirty dishes. Plus, its environmentally friendly manual stirring mechanism allows you to take it anywhere without the need for electricity.

Discover the endless possibilities of the SuperSonic Chopper Compact:

- Create delectable appetizer spreads like hummus and tapenade, flavorful pasta sauces such as pesto, olive, and anchovy, as well as mouthwatering sandwich or toast spreads and dressings.
- Delight in the natural taste and aroma of freshly chopped herbs, including basil, parsley, dill, coriander, garlic, shallots, ginger, tarragon, chervil, mint, oregano, rosemary, and thyme.
- Effortlessly chop a variety of vegetables and condiments, such as mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers, zucchini, chili peppers, onions, gherkins, garlic, and ginger.
- Prepare fruits by peeling, removing seeds, and cutting them into smaller chunks, including strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, olives, cherries, apricots, apples, mangoes, tomatoes, and pears.
- Handle cooked legumes like chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils, and black-eyed peas with ease.
- Enjoy perfectly chopped cheese, whether it's mozzarella, parmesan, emmental, feta, cheddar, or any other hard cheese that needs to be cut into smaller chunks.
- Transform cooked and cooled meat, such as chicken, beef, or ham, into smaller, child-friendly portions.

The SuperSonic Compact Chopper also makes an ideal gift for new parents, allowing them to effortlessly prepare small quantities of baby food anytime, anywhere. Embrace the versatility and efficiency of the SuperSonic Chopper Compact—it's the ultimate culinary companion.




Base: TP, SEBS
Bottom cover: PBT
Full Product:


11x11x10 cm

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Care Instructions

- Wash Tupperware with non-abrasive liquid soaps to keep its original shine.
- Every 2.5 seconds 24 hours a day someone around the world is starting a Tupperware Party.
- The classic round seal ensures that the container is liquid-tight, so you can carry water, juices, curries etc. without spilling.
- Tupperware in India is made from the best quality resins, imported organic colorants and by imported stainless steel molds and imported machines.
- Tupperware products are guaranteed against chipping, cracking or breaking under normal non-commercial use.
- Handling instructions for products with printing.
- The printed products must be gently washed with water and mild soap solution.
- Do not use abrasive cleaning material such as plastic, scrubber, hardwire brush, scrub pad, abrasive powder, ash or sawdust. Use a soft sponge for cleaning.
- Never use concentrated dishwashing liquids/cake. Always dilute with water before usage.
- There is no lifetime guarantee on the printing.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer M.
This was a gift my

✅ This little chopper is the best for chopping garlic, ginger and even herbs. Its so easy to just throw the garlic in and pull the string like 5-6 times and you have perfectly chopped garlic. And its super easy to clean. I just bought one for my Mom too!

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