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Tupperware The cold cut stacking box with climate cover

Tupperware The cold cut stacking box with climate cover

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About the product

The Cool'N Fresh set (4) is the expert for keeping cheese, sausage, fish and meat fresh in the refrigerator.

The 1.5 l container is ideal for fresh sausage and meat products, Wiener and Bockwurst, 1/2 meat sausage ring, Cabanossi & Co. Sliced ​​cheese and cold cuts are best stored in the 700 ml container. Combined with the climate cover, the result is an optimal climate for aromatic freshness and maximum shelf life. So that the climate cover can breathe freely and to guarantee perfect functionality, please do not place any containers on the climate cover with CondensControl filter. The freshness grid ensures that the contents are not damp.


  • With the Cool'N Freshs, food is kept optimally fresh and you can make ideal use of the space in the refrigerator by arranging the containers as needed when you need them.
  • The climate cover has a "CondensControl" system, moisture is released to the outside without the contents drying out or odors escaping.
  • The freshness grid ensures optimal storage of meat/fish.
  • The Cool'N Fresh set (4) consists of the following parts.
    – Container 1.5 l: ideal for meat/fish.
    – Container 700 ml: ideal for sliced ​​sausage/cheese.
    – Freshness grid: for meat/fish to keep them dry.
    – Climate cover: with a grid and a breathable film, the “CondensControl” filter. "CondensControl": The film is permeable to water molecules, so that most of the excess moisture is transported to the outside. The aroma remains almost completely in the container.
  • The contents are clearly visible through the transparent container.
  • When the individual containers are stacked on top of each other, no odor is transferred from one container to the other, similar to a closure.


Container/lid/grid: PP
closure: PE foil grid
: PA
foil: special


Shipping & Returns

1. Pack: Please safely pack your items in the original packaging or box with adequate protection.

2. Slip: Include a packing slip with your return. It should have the following information:

3. Ship: On the shipping label on top of the package, please write our address.

Care Instructions

- Wash Tupperware with non-abrasive liquid soaps to keep its original shine.
- Every 2.5 seconds 24 hours a day someone around the world is starting a Tupperware Party.
- The classic round seal ensures that the container is liquid-tight, so you can carry water, juices, curries etc. without spilling.
- Tupperware in India is made from the best quality resins, imported organic colorants and by imported stainless steel molds and imported machines.
- Tupperware products are guaranteed against chipping, cracking or breaking under normal non-commercial use.
- Handling instructions for products with printing.
- The printed products must be gently washed with water and mild soap solution.
- Do not use abrasive cleaning material such as plastic, scrubber, hardwire brush, scrub pad, abrasive powder, ash or sawdust. Use a soft sponge for cleaning.
- Never use concentrated dishwashing liquids/cake. Always dilute with water before usage.
- There is no lifetime guarantee on the printing.

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