From the creative inventor to the clever business woman to the many self-employed Tupperware® consultants today - Tupperware® stands for much more than its products, Tupperware® is the sum of all people who have shaped and influenced the brand over decades. Tupperware® has stood for trust and team spirit for over 75 years. For generations, we accompany families all over the world with our innovative products. We are very proud of this and hope to continue to be there for you and your loved ones!

In Germany we will be celebrating our 60th birthday in 2022. According to this, the first Tupperparty® took place in Germany in 1962, to be precise there were 5 Tupperparties® in week 29, from July 16th to 21st, 1962. But who is the inventor? How did it all start? Join us on a little journey through time.

  • Let's go back to the 1950s

    Earl S. Tupper is the inventor of Tupperware®. His first product was the Miracle Bowl. What is normal for us at Tupperware® today was considered a revolution back then: the bowls had an airtight and watertight lid. By slightly lifting the lid flap when closing, excess air could escape from the container - the so-called "Tupper sigh" was born. Its advantage: the escape of excess air means that even today perishable food stays fresh longer - a sales argument of its own.

    But no matter how ingenious the Tupperware® products were, in stores, on the shelves, without any explanation, people did not understand the advantages of Earl S. Tupper's invention. They were simply too revolutionary. What to do?

  • The birth of the Tupperparty®

    As the saying goes today: behind every successful man there is always a woman... That was also the case back then. Brownie Wise was a seasoned saleswoman and came up with the idea of ​​encouraging housewives to invite their relatives and acquaintances to their homes to introduce Earl S. Tupper's new innovative products and explain their benefits. Today we call this social selling. At that time it was the decisive business idea and the hour of birth of the Tupperparty®.

    From one day to the next, women were offered the great opportunity to gain a certain degree of financial but also personal independence. A novelty in the 1950s and yet exactly at the right time because in the USA the second wave of the women's movement was just beginning to gain momentum.

Tupperware ® is still coming Germany

In 1961 the first factory in Europe produces Tupperware®, laying the foundation for the founding of Tupperware Germany.In 1962 it was entered in the commercial register of the city of Frankfurt.In July, the first so-called sales report records the first 5 Tupperparties®and the beginning of a success story.

  • Diverse application possibilities

    Which product was the most popular? It was the Big Mixing Bowl . The classic is still known today under the pseudonym "Pengspanner". For the housewife of that time, she made the preparation of yeast dough child's play: Put in the ingredients, knead vigorously, seal the bowl airtight with the lid and say "Tupper sigh" and wait, wait, wait ... until the lid with a " Peng” jumps up. Then the dough is ready.

    There are things that should not be missing in any kitchen.Most of the time we don't even notice how often we pick them up, e.g.B. a mixing bowl.We took this as an opportunity to further develop our classic, the large mixing bowl 3.0 l - also known as the "Peng" bowl. The mixing bowls Procan do everything that the popular all-rounder stands for- and a lot more besides.