We place the highest quality demands on ourselves and our products. Our products are manufactured with the utmost care and precision. We, Tupperware Ezmarket, vouch for the top quality of the Tupperware® products we sell with the Tupperware Deutschland guarantee in accordance with the following conditions.

The Tupperware Germany guarantee is a voluntary guarantee. It establishes an additional promise of performance, which is independent of the statutory rights that you as a consumer are entitled to against the seller of the defective product, especially in the event of a material defect. Your statutory rights are not limited by this warranty.

1. Products Covered by Warranty; warranty period

The guarantee applies to all products where this is indicated in our catalog or in the Tupperware® online shop (usually by depicting the letter "T" in white text on a green circle). The information at the time of purchase is decisive. The guarantee also applies to all products not listed in the catalog or not in the Tupperware® online shop, for which it is noted either on the product packaging or on a document accompanying the product that they are subject to the guarantee. If a product that we market is not covered by the guarantee, this can be for a number of reasons (e.g. that the product is not manufactured by Tupperware® itself).

Unless otherwise stated, the guarantee covers the entire product. The duration of the guarantee is basically 30 years. If, as an exception, a shorter guarantee is granted for a product, this is stated accordingly in our catalog or in the Tupperware® online shop (or, in the case of non-catalogue products, on the product packaging or an enclosed document). In some cases it is also stated that parts of the product (e.g. the coating) have a shorter warranty period than the rest of the product.

The warranty period begins when you, the consumer, purchase the new product. Buyers who are not consumers cannot claim the guarantee. The prerequisite for a guarantee claim is that a defect covered by the guarantee occurs within the guarantee period and you assert the claim either within the guarantee period or at the latest immediately after the defect has occurred.

The guarantee only applies if the product was originally placed on the market by us, Tupperware Ezmarket. In any case, you can always assume this if you bought the product in a Tupperware® shop, if you bought it from one of our independent district shops in (whether directly or through a Tupperware® consultant) or if you have ordered it in the Tupperware® online shop. Products marketed by foreign Tupperware Brands companies may be warranted under the terms and conditions of those countries.

2. Contents of the guarantee

The guarantee covers the fact that the product does not have any defects that can be attributed to material or manufacturing errors. Purely visual impairments (e.g. discoloration) and other minor deviations from the target quality that are irrelevant to the usability of the product are not considered defects within the meaning of the guarantee and therefore do not justify a guarantee claim. There is also no guarantee for

normal, expected wear and tear (e.g. knife blades dulled by use, worn microfiber cloths);
Products or parts thereof intended for consumption;
Damage caused by improper or non-household use or by non-observance of the user information or instructions for use.

3. Warranty Services

In the event of a warranty claim, you are entitled to a warranty voucher, i. H. a goods credit note for the value of the defective product (the current or - in the case of products no longer included in the delivery program - the last valid non-binding recommended price for the product is decisive). If only individual parts of a product are defective, you will receive a guarantee voucher for the value of the affected part only (the order value according to our current spare parts list is decisive). You will receive the guarantee voucher from us by email.

The guarantee voucher can be redeemed at every Tupperparty®. The following applies: The guarantee voucher entitles you to purchase one or more products from the current Tupperware® delivery program free of charge for a maximum total price of the value of the guarantee voucher. If products with a lower total price are selected, the residual value of the guarantee voucher expires; if the price is higher, you only pay the difference. Several guarantee vouchers can also be redeemed at once, but guarantee vouchers cannot be combined with other vouchers, coupons or discount campaigns.

The guarantee voucher is not transferable. A full or partial cash payment of the value of a guarantee voucher is excluded. The amounts of redeemed guarantee vouchers do not count as Tupperparty® sales (e.g. with regard to stars for hosts). Guarantee vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issue; if they are not redeemed within this period, they expire.

The defective product or part for which you received the guarantee voucher from us becomes our property.

Outside of the warranty, you can purchase spare parts for Tupperware® products from a Tupperware® consultant or in the Tupperware® online shop as long as the products are part of our spare parts delivery program. If an individual part cannot be bought later, this does not justify a claim for a guarantee voucher or other claims.

4. Making Warranty Claims

In order to make a warranty claim, you will need to fill out the Warranty Request Form in full, print it out and hand it in to one of our independent district offices (either directly or through a for Tupperware® consultant working in the district office). The warranty cases are handled by the district offices on our behalf. You can find the nearest district agency here, all Tupperware® consultants here.

We reserve the right to change the process for claiming the guarantee in the future in such a way that guarantee requests are made directly to us and the product must be sent to us. For the time being, however, the following applies: Please do not send any products directly to Tupperware Deutschland GmbH, as such will be returned unprocessed and at your expense. Instead, please simply follow the steps explained in the warranty request form.

5. No Admission of Guilt

If we fulfill a guarantee claim that you have asserted, this can also be based on a goodwill decision in individual cases. For this reason, among others, the provision of a guarantee voucher does not at the same time entail the acknowledgment that the product was defective. The fulfillment of a guarantee claim takes place without prejudice to any other claims.

6. Governing Law

The conditions of this guarantee are subject to German law.