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Tupperware MicroTup Small Set of 3

Tupperware MicroTup Small Set of 3

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Pre-cook, take away, reheat. Perfect for storing and heating in the microwave. Or simply to take away for the lunch break, for a picnic or to the next party!


  • MicroTups keep, transport, reheat and serve pre-cooked meals fresh in the same container.
  • The tight-fitting lid keeps
    – the dish fresh in the fridge,
    – the bag clean when transported upright,
    – the dish juicy when warmed up in the microwave,
    – the microwave clean: The lid protects against splashes and the valve prevents the pressure that occurs during heating escape.
  • In different sizes for different dishes.
  • All lids in this range have a valve to allow pressure to escape during reheating in the microwave.
  • The MicroTup sets contain practical round containers in which the meal is heated evenly. In different sizes for different portions.
  • The container must be placed in the microwave with the valve open to allow steam to escape. Please also make sure that the valve is not clogged.
  • What could be more comforting than healthy, homemade food?
  • Micro Containers provide the perfect reheat solution from your fridge straight to the microwave.
  • These containers are made of a heat resistant material that is safe up to 120°C.
  • The lid's valve prevents possible pressure build-up by allowing steam to escape during reheating.​
  • Simply turn on the vent and leave the gasket in place to avoid spills during reheating.
  • Our microwave-safe bowl allows individual or family meals of any of your favorite foods, including vegetables, pastas, casseroles, desserts, and even liquid-based dishes like soups and broths.
  • It's the perfect bowl, especially for family members who come home late and need a quick meal!
  • Micro Cups have a textured, scratch-resistant bottom, while a stain-proof coating inside the bowl protects your bowl from stain-prone sauces.
  • When not in use, the smart modular shape stacks to maximize refrigerator or drawer space.


800ml: PP
600ml: PP
400ml: PP


800ml: L 19.0 × W 15.8 × H 8.2cm
600ml: Volume 600ml - L 19.0 × W 15.8 × H 6.1cm
400ml: L 19.0 × W 15 .8 × H 5.0 cm

Shipping & Returns

1. Pack: Please safely pack your items in the original packaging or box with adequate protection.

2. Slip: Include a packing slip with your return. It should have the following information:

3. Ship: On the shipping label on top of the package, please write our address.

Care Instructions

- Wash Tupperware with non-abrasive liquid soaps to keep its original shine.
- Every 2.5 seconds 24 hours a day someone around the world is starting a Tupperware Party.
- The classic round seal ensures that the container is liquid-tight, so you can carry water, juices, curries etc. without spilling.
- Tupperware in India is made from the best quality resins, imported organic colorants and by imported stainless steel molds and imported machines.
- Tupperware products are guaranteed against chipping, cracking or breaking under normal non-commercial use.
- Handling instructions for products with printing.
- The printed products must be gently washed with water and mild soap solution.
- Do not use abrasive cleaning material such as plastic, scrubber, hardwire brush, scrub pad, abrasive powder, ash or sawdust. Use a soft sponge for cleaning.
- Never use concentrated dishwashing liquids/cake. Always dilute with water before usage.
- There is no lifetime guarantee on the printing.

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